A Python client for the Microsoft AD Certificate Services web page

It is quite normal to have an internal PKI based on the Microsoft AD Certificate Services, which work great with Windows, but not so much on other OSes. Users of other OSes must often manually create a CSR and then use the Certificate Services web page (certsrv) to get a certificate. This is not ideal, as it is a manual and time consuming (and creating a csr with OpenSSL on the command line is confusing and complicated.)

This is a simple litle Python client for the certsrv page, so that Python programs can get certificates without manual operation.


The IIS server must listen on HTTPS with a valid (trusted by the client) certificate. It is recommended to enable basic auth on IIS, but NTLM is also supported through the requests_ntlm package


The certsrv page is not an API, so this is obviously a little hackish and a little fragile. It will break if Microsoft does any changes to the certsrv application.

Luckily (or sadly?) they haven’t changed much in the last 19 years…

Certsrv has been tested against Windows 2008R2, 2012R2 and 2016, but I’m sure it works on everything from 2003 to 2019.

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